Angels day is an Annual Day hosted by Cancer Support Angels that aims to raise funds to support cancer patients and their families at the most stressful financial time of the year. Christmas.

Many patients and their families go without during this period, due to the costs associated with their cancer treatments and medications.

To help the most number of patients we can, we use this time of the year to raise as many funds as possible.

Cancer Support Angels seeks new sponsorships for Angels Day each year. Our Sponsorship Options for 2021 are listed below.

Woolworths, Coles and Other Gift Cards

We accept all major gift cards for our patients at this time of the year, to help everyone enjoy the festive season. We do require physical gift cards as some online gift cards can only be used online, and some of our patients do not have internet or do not understand how to use the online cards. Thank you!

Please send physical gift cards to

Cancer Support Angels
12 Honeybark Cres,
Lyndhurst VIC 3975

We do recommend you post using tracking numbers / registered post.

A $2,000 sponsorship will help in the following way

Angels Day Sponsorship

Angels Day Sponsorship

$1,000 will go to one Cancer patient and their Family.

4 x $250 will go to 4 cancer patients and their families.

Sponsor our Angels Day for 2021 now!