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Jodie Hollis – Director

My name is Jodie Hollis, and I am the Founding Director of Cancer Support Angels. In 2013 whilst on my own cancer journey, I found a real lack of support out there in the form of physical support groups for cancer patients. The only support groups I could were online. And Im not really one to be in an online support group. I like to meet people in person. But I joined some groups anyway. I also found a great lack of financial support. Some thing that is greatly needed. Some years later I started to volunteer for Relay For Life here in Cranbourne, where I met some amazing people, and the type of support I was really looking for.

In 2019, I expressed my desire to start Cancer Support Angels with a number of people from my family, Relay and even government. The vote was unanimous.


So when Relay for Life has finished in 2019, I set about achieving my dream of helping cancer patients, and making sure that we all had support. And Cancer Support Angels was born in December 2019. My dream is to make sure that “No One Fights Alone”, and that together we can all do this fight, as a team, as a community, as an extended family.

Vincent Ramos – Fundraising

Vincent Ramos is Head of Philanthropy at the Austin Health Foundation. He has worked in philanthropy and organisational advancement since 2008, leading fundraising and stakeholder engagement programs at flagship institutions in Australia and the United States.

He is passionate about connecting people with causes they care about. Prior to joining the Austin, he held senior roles with the Holmesglen Foundation, the University of Melbourne, Washington University in St Louis, and Trinity College.

Steve Jacobson – Treasurer

Steve is a Chief Financial Officer and Financial Consultant with 25+ years of experience working in high-level financial positions with diverse companies, such as Adore Beauty, Fire and Safety Australia, Open Platform Systems, and Media Puzzle.

His greatest asset as a financial leader is his ability to solve complex problems. As Financial Consultant and Managing Director of CFOTOGO, he can quickly step into vacant CFO roles and see what needs to get done to gain traction within the team, company, and industry.

Through team management and executive leadership, he has a proven track record for delivering financial results, from improving cash flow and creating an accounting infrastructure to advising Directors and executives on the next phase of their company.

Steve is also a certified consultant for MYOB and adept in Xero accounting software, which gives him ample knowledge and understanding of where organisations need to be financially.

Anna Gikas – Company Secretary

Cancer Support Angels is a charity that since 2020 has given me the opportunity to give so much support to those in a time of need but has also benefited my own life in many ways.
As a mother of three, with a career in the skin care industry for over 25 years, looking after others’ physical and emotional well-being is second nature.

In my role as Support Group Team Leader, I hope to make a small difference in any Cancer Warrior’s journey by giving them a safe space to be seen and heard during our support sessions.

I look forward to meeting you and having you share your knowledge to help others going through their own trials and hopefully, I can provide some positive enrichment to your own journey

Katya Ellis – Vice Chairperson Board Member

Katya Ellis is a strategic consultant and business mentor. She assists organisations in achieving growth through the development of cost-effective digital marketing campaigns and implementation of information systems and processes.

Katya has experience in diverse industries:

  • In the public sector, she focused on technology research and innovation, Government relations, community engagement and outreach.
  • Venture capital investment and startup marketing
    Retail operations and marketing, including product development
  • Events and promotions.

This experience allows Katya to deliver innovative marketing ideas and strategies for the organisations that she works with. She is also on the Board of Directors for the Small Business Mentoring Service and Australian Fashion Film Awards.

Katya graduated with a double degree in Information Systems and Business (Management) from Swinburne University of Technology. She guest lectures at RMIT University, Australian Institute of Music and provides vocational internships to tertiary students. She is passionate about integrating education and industry to achieve positive outcomes for organisations by providing practical experience to students.

In our CSA family - No One Fights Alone

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This time of year is so hard, I am a single parent I have no capacity to work to make an income. I have a child that needs to regularly be taken to the city for trade school with no help with expenses. My other son is going into year 7 and his expenses have tripled and my 2 girls just keep growing and I cant keep up with clothing. I spend every cent I get into the household, it would be lovely as a once off if I was eligable for assistance to get some vouchers toward food and utilities expenses so I can put some toward a nice christmas gift for the kids. Pretty please and thank you for consideration.


Since being told that my cancer was terminal,I have been trying to clear debts etc and have no money for food and presents for my wonderful family who have helped and supported me through my journey. As this will be my last Christmas I would like it to be something special for them to remember.


Like many others we have just had to move just a few weeks before Christmas being a single mum with 2 kids it’s hard. I haven’t even started gift shopping because I just don’t know how I’m gonna afford it. My daughter is off to high school next year aswell. With all the drs appointments and scans I just wish life could be normal again


I’m a solo mum of two that’s not entitled to centrelink I’m unable to work my son works casual and also my 16 year old son has just started casual work aswell to helps us financially. My cervical cancer has spread aggressively given the choice to have Pelvic exteneration surgery in coming weeks.
Any help would be appreciated I’m lucky to have friends who help out when they can.


Hi, I would greatly appreciate any help this Christmas, I have 5 kids and no longer allowed to work due to my cancer and treatment.
I am struggling to pay treatment costs and finding money to pay for everyday bills, also to buy Xmas presents for my children. I am not entitled to any help from Centrelink, not even a healthcare card. On going trips to Adelaide, that is 5 hours away from home and paying for that puts a hard time on finances.
Any help this Xmas for my children would be amazing. Merry Christmas and God bless u all.


I am drowning in debts & with the continuous outlay for medications & bills it is causing so much anxiety . I have so much pain & need some treatments on my whole body to help heal & ease ongoing pain but can’t afford to as I’m on a very low income through Centrelink . I have no one I can ask for assistance & feel very embarrassed & ashamed to ask . Thank you


I have just fighting breast cancer for 1 year and bit trying to get back to work but it’s so hard and im only on centrelink I just love to have a great Christmas … thankyou so much xxx


I need a bit of help this year as I just can’t seem to get ahead, by the time bills, medications,,travel costs I really don’t have much left. My entire family, brothers,wives, kids and my kids are coming to lunch and I’d just like to make it special this year, so some vouchers for coles or Woolworths would really help, I need to feel happy instead sad, plus one brother is recovering from heart bypass. I don’t like asking for help, I’m stubborn. Cheers and Merry Christmas to you all.


My brother and his family live in Victoria and I haven’t seen them for almost 2 years. So much needs fixing in my unit especially the aircon. Even simple things like mowing the lawn is almost impossible. I’m doing as much as I can by myself but learning to ask for help is hard.


I live in Melbourne and have had all my treatment for breast cancer including a mastectomy and partial reconstruction on my own with the lockdowns. I am still having treatment till the end of Jan when the final reconstruction should occur. I have been cut off from family due to lockdowns and having to get tested and isolate before each trip to day oncology. All that has been expensive and if I could have some help possibly with vouchers or something so I can finally treat my nieces and nephew at christmas and my parents when they finally get to come to Melbourne to help me in January with the final operation it would be nice. I’m not sure what is possible though.