Christmas Giveaway $

Christmas 2020 was a hard time for a lot of families, but especially hard for cancer patients, so Cancer Support Angels got right to work raising fund to help as many families as we could make this time of year just a little less stressful. We gave away almost $2k in funds and helped 10 families ease the burden of financial stress this Christmas.

Here’s what a few of them has to say:


As you know I said originally that I wanted to spoil my husband a little for all the sacrifices he made to care for me. The money we won went towards the hire of a small charter boat so he could spend the day fishing and just chilling without having to worry about me or anything else. He did well and actually caught a few rainbow trout. The whole experience put a smile on his face which had been rare as he had been so focused on myself. …. Once again a very special thankyou to cancer support Angel’s for allowing my husband to feel like himself again even if it was just for one day.


Thank you to the cancer support angels for the Christmas giveaway it helped us by buying groceries for my family as it is always my first priority to have food on the table for the family.


Was a great help. Went visited adult kids in Brisbane visited saw all my GRANDKIDS. Who I had not seen 4 12 months.

Nick Blain & Arlo the Cancer Dog

Thank you so much for the Fund giveaway as I was able to pay for my Police clearance so Arlo the Cancer Service dog and I could still carry out our Hospital visits giving some Furry fighter love in these changing times, To put a smile on anyone going through chemo with a Furball is the best medicine I know 2x survivor